About SDA

Sport-Dream-Academy was founded by former Irish International basketball player Dr Paul Cummins . Paul is passionate about sport because of the good it can bring to any individual at any level. Positive attributes arise from following any athletic dream; attributes that can prepare people for life in general; attributes like self-discipline, the formation of work ethic, understanding leadership, understanding followership, working within a team and striving for something bigger than yourself. Sport can offer life-changing experiences on many levels, and nobody understands this more than Dr Paul Cummins .

At the age of 16 Paul received an athletic scholarship to play and study in the USA. 9 years, 4 scholarships and a professional and international career after that first ground-breaking trip to the USA, Paul founded SDA to achieve the following mission:

The SDA Mission

SportDreamAcademy is a sports development academy with 3 goals:

  • GET SKILLS: Providing ‘Top-Quality Coaching’ on all aspects of the game in order to develop individual and team skills, leading to player improvements. Learn more about our Coaches here.
  • GET PLAYING: Creating an ‘Elite-Level’ performance environment where athletes can be challenged and can compete and develop their skills according to their talent and potential. Learn more about our Camps here.
  • GET NOTICED: Exposing talent to athletic opportunities and coaches in their sport both at home and abroad. Learn how you can get noticed here.