SDA Athlete Charlie Coombes Signs Letter of Intent to Play at NCAA Division 2 Univeristy


Charlie has put in the work and put his game in the shop window…  and it has paid off.

There have been a number of SDA athlete success stories since SDA began, including Scottish athlete Ali McKay who earned a scholarship to Davidson College (North Carolina, USA), Irish athlete John Carroll who first went to prep school (the Hill School) and then was connected through SDA with Hartford University who gave him a full scholarship, and recently Cian Sullivan who is bound for St. Andrews prep Rhode Island.

Even more recently, great news has come on the horizon about another promising young Irish basketball player and SDA Athlete; Charlie Coombes. Charlie has just signed a letter of intent to play for Coach Green at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. Southeastern play in the Great American Conference (NCAA Division 2) where they are highly competitive year after year.

“Right from the gate it was clear that Charlie had an NCAA College guard physique given that he stood 6’4’’ with broad shoulders. But more importantly, he was a skilled shooter and ball-handler with a big time work ethic” – Pete Schwethelm (SDA Coach and Former NCAA D1 Coach).

“When Charlie came to SDA camp the first thing he said to me was ‘I am going to play college ball in the US’. And I am truly delighted that he is following his dream at a school that is a good match for him athletically, personally and academically” – Paul Cummins (SDA Founder)

Charlie worked hard at the SDA Elite Invitational camp and was viewed by many of the coaching staff as one of the top 5 players at camp. Following on from this, Charlie signed up with SDA’s Player Profile Service (an SDA initiative) where he then uploaded his camp highlight film and contacted hundreds of coaches at programmes he believed could be right for him.

“The SDA invitational really helped me. My highlights got the attention of many coaches, and my SDA profile put me in touch with tonnes of schools. SDA also really helped me learn about the recruiting process, and making sure I find somewhere that is the right fit for who I am as a person” – Charlie Coombes (SDA Athlete).

Charlie has been a junior international standout for years and has the talent and the work ethic to make the most of this opportunity. Playing NCAA basketball is the mecca for most hungry basketballers who want to take their game to the max. There is no doubt Charlie will learn lots and enjoy the experience.

“It is a dream come true for Charlie, and we are all over the moon for him. It was a tough road, and securing a basketball scholarship in the US is very difficult. SDA really helped us understand this fact, and also assisted with the process in general” – Declan Coombes (Charlie’s Father).

One of the unique features of SDA is the provision of personal highlight film on each player at camp. These individual highlights are then circulated to coaches globally and available to view on the SDA YouTube channel. This feature was important in allowing Charlie be seen by coaches, and it is designed to get talented Irish players noticed.

“This feature is designed to eliminate ‘luck’ as a major requirement to get scholarship opportunities as a foreign athlete. While an element of luck is always involved, SDA can improve the success rate of matching top student-athletes with suitable programmes globally if the fit is there” – Paul Cummins (SDA Founder).

SDA would like to congratulate Charlie on earning a scholarship to Southeastern Oklahoma State University through hard work, dedication and getting his game noticed!