Many athletes have the talent, the work ethic and the desire to earn sporting opportunities either at home or abroad. These sporting opportunities may be in the form of a sports stipend, an athletic scholarship, or a professional contract. Unfortunately however, most dedicated athletes do not have the opportunity to showcase their skills and get their games noticed.

SDA understands this fact, and offers a unique ‘Elite Player Profile’ service to assist top youth athletes in getting their games noticed. SDA provides top youth athletes with the opportunity to put themselves in the ‘Coaching Shop Window’ where player skills, stats, dynamics, highlights and profile can be viewed and analysed with the click of a button. SDA also provides bespoke software that allows SDA athletes to personally contact hundreds of US coaches so that they can ensure that they are at the very least ‘getting their games noticed’.

This service is a win for athletes, who get seen, and a win for coaches, who can view some top talent. It is important to note that SDA does not broker any sporting opportunities between athlete and coach. SDA simply provides the unique service to assist athletes in getting noticed by hundreds of high school, prep school, and college coaches, and to help athletes develop and promote their skills. If there happens to be a fit between athlete and athletic program then a sporting opportunity may arise.

The SDA Player Profile Service includes:

A personal account with ‘’ that enables you to:

  1. Create your own player profile (personal info, game-footage, stats, academic info etc.)
  2. Update your profile in real-time
  3. Update your game footage and highlights (in real-time)
  4. Link your profile and footage to hundreds of coaches through the network
  5. Contact hundreds of high-school, prep-school and college coaches through the network

“SDA is a great initiative that allows athletes get the exposure that they need to get noticed by US collegiate coaches. Paul is highly qualified for this role given his past experience at both the US collegiate level and having played professionally.” – Ali MacKay – Davidson College (NC, USA)

“Sport Dream Academy (SDA) performs the difficult task of putting players in the right position at the right time to get the all important exposure to top level coaches.” – Grant MacKay – Davidson College (NC, USA)

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SDA Player Profile Service